Do Not Forget The Quinella

Among the most frequent “shudda-wudda-cudda” remarks, you will notice a horseplayer mutters after a losing bet, “I should have boxed them!” He
has wins, After the horse he’s on top in an exacta finishes second.

This is because a quinella pays off when the horses on the ticket end. The reason the quinella bet can provide peace of mind.

Conventional wisdom holds that there is a quinella payoff generally of the exact price. When the first two finishers go off at roughly the exact odds this holds true. Betting a quinella versus a $1 exacta box is clean.

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However there are more situations, exacta or quinella is the best way to go. Especially, when there comes a longshot in second and when a horse wins, a lot more than half of the exacta is frequently paid
by the quinella.

On Dec. 29 at Aqueduct, as an instance, Heart And Fire, first at 7-5, and Tower of Hope, second at 7-1, combined for $22 exacta. However, nearly as much was returned by the quinella. At the fourth race that
day, the exacta of Press Box (2-1) on top and Halo Summer (13-1) second paid $65.50 while the quinella returned 39.80, more than 60 percent of the exact cost.

Other recent cases where the quinella paid more than half of the exacta:
Dec. 31 — fourth race, DJ’s Girl (6-5) over Double comet (9-1), exacta $26.80, quinella $20.40; Jan. 2 — second race, Corpsman (2-1) over Angel Over Us (75-1), exacta $326, quinella $200.50;

Jan. 6 — second race, Key Oui (3-1) over Allison’s Purse (25-1), exacta $208.50, quinella $147,

Jan. 7 — Out Of Place Belle (4-5) over August (18-1),
exacta $39, quinella $32.60.

What gambling strategy is Exacta or quinella? in case you use in a situation where you wish the horse to win with a second?

With the favorite on top you can play with an exacta for $2; the payoff will be bigger if you hit it.

But with a $2 quinella, you will often find more worth than the exacta whilst purchasing yourself “insurance” a straight exacta does not offer you; this is, if the preferred runs second and the longshot wins, you still win the money.

But obviously, in those cases when the horse does run next to the longshot, less than half of the exacta is paid by the quinella.

Some examples: Dec. 27 — second race, Tiptoe To Dream (7-1) over Sugar
Mages (4-5), exacta $40.60, quinella $13; Dec. 30 — second race, Oro
Bandito (6-1) over Dots Pleasure (4-5), exacta $36.20, quinella $14.20;
Jan. 5 — second race, Big Fat Moose (12-1) over Tim Ely’s Pic (8-5),
exacta $84, quinella $33.20; fourth race, Distant Future (6-1) over
Eucalyptus (8-5), exacta $42.80, quinella $16.60.

So here’s a great guideline from the exacta vs quinella discussion:

  1. If you feel the favorite cannot possibly lose, play with him in addition to straight exactas
  2. If you feel the favorite will finish no
    worse than second but he is vulnerable in the triumph place, box the exacta.
  3. If you believe the favorite will most likely win but are not convinced he is a mortal lock, play it safe with the quinella and you will still find decent value if he comes home at the top.