Florina Rodov: The Truth About Charter Schools

“When instructors aren’t unionized, they’re abused — and when educators endure, so do kids.” — Florina Rodov

This stunning piece by Florina Rodov on Shondaland is an unquestionable requirement read. Occurring at one of the decrepit sanction enterprises here in Los Angeles, the story Rodov advises is very commonplace to every one of us that are against privatization activists. A significant part of the abuse of personnel and understudies reflects the records in Professor Horn’s Work Hard, Be Hard: Journeys Through “No Excuses” Teaching. Cap tip to Leonie Haimson, whose Tweet in regards to this paper got my attention.

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A passage, yet please go and read the entire work:

“In any case, I soon acknowledged there was an inlet between contract school buildup and reality. Consistently brought stunning and irritating disclosures: high whittling down rates of understudies and educators, risky working conditions, boundless suspensions, badgering of instructors, infringement against understudies with handicaps, nepotism, and misrepresentation. Before the finish of the school year, I pledged never to step foot in a contract school again, and to battle for the security of government funded schools more than ever.”